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We have successfully delivered impactful digital transformations to our numerous clients through “Collaboration and Ambition!"

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Who are we?

Anuyat, as you
know it today

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Our success is dependent on the success of our client businesses. With our strong internal and external alliances, we as a team can guide customer’s challenging business requirements.

In 2018, Anuyat’s origins began with four ambitious techies, each having a strong technical experience, an entrepreneurial passion and an aim in contributing towards IT services.

Our expertise in MVP development, Application Development, UI-UX Design and DevOps solution helped us achieve the milestone of 1 Mn USD in revenue in just 2 years!

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Domain-crafted solutions

Impacted Industries: Our Reach and Influence

With our customers trust and positive feedback, we have positioned Anuyat as a preferred vendor for digital solutions across various significant industries like Foodtech, Fintech, Healthcare, AI bots, Traveltech, Ecommerce, Realtech and Edutech. We provide solutions for user and infrastructure management as well as Big Data analysis.

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Taking the technology journey with Anuyat’s expertise

Our Strength

Working with our diverse number of clients makes Anuyat unique.  Since, our origins, our team has had the privilege to work with top-notch collaborators and innovators that have shaped Anuyat to what it is today.

We have always believed in the 3 Ps policy in creating satisfactory and happy moments:

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We provide continuous high-end efforts toward success

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We are confident our capabilities can provide focused solutions 

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Our Team and your perspective makes a difference

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Our Achievement Timeline

Important Milestone

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Jan 2019

We achieved success in delivering two eSim management applications, solidifying our position as a reputable provider of eSim Mobile Applications.

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March 2019

We have experienced significant growth, making us ready to take on even more challenges like developing 2 MVP’s a month.

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March 2020

Our team is continuously growing which reflects on our growth as we have earned 1Mn USD in revenue.

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August 2020

We provided support to Prismanote during Covid times, by assisting them with engineering solutions for their platform scalability to enable their growth.

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March 2021

Our focus has always been on precision and on quality. We increased our workforce and capabilities to provide our support on 15 MVPs per month

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July 2021

Penpenny.com, one of our in-house products, gained coverage from ESakal, the largest independently owned Media Business in Maharashtra, India

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Nov 2021

We have successfully adopted Flutter technology and made it a part of our 6+ products in our skill set.

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Jan 2022

We assembled a team of highly skilled professionals with expertise in eSim mobile and SaaS applications.

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March 2022

We launched MVPs platforms accessible at your fingertips, dedicated to MVP knowledge and estimation.

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June 2022

Our team provided cost saving, efficient and performance enhancing solutions, for other businesses.

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Jan 2023

Our team’s 4+ years of expertise in developing business applications has received unanimous acclaim in a community full of start-ups, enterprises and non-profits organizations.

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March 2023

Enhanced responsibilities with quality precision. Increased our workforce and capabilities, catering to up to 15 MVPs per month

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August 2018

Our key to early success was that we at Anuyat started work on cloud data for investments and worked on MVP as a start-up idea.

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Our Reach Across The Globe

With our expertise in working with our diverse list of clients, we have built professional relationships with industries of other nationalities globally. This journey has been both an honor and a privilege for our team at Anuyat in enriching our understanding of how businesses operate worldwide.