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UI/UX Design Ux-Researchn
UI/UX Design Ux-Auditn
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UI/UX Design Ux-Research-Service
UI/UX Design Brand-Identity-Service
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UI/UX Design Expert-Review-Service

UI-UX Design

Build From Scratch

Create a new design from the ground up. Consider target audience, product or service, and brand identity.


Make changes to an existing design. Consider original design, target audience, and latest trends.

Boost Performance

Improve speed and efficiency of the user experience. Consider user journey, technology, and user's device.

Meet User’s Needs

Create a design that is easy to use, intuitive, and meets the user's needs and wants. Consider user goals, context, and skills.

UX Research

Decide Confidently

Be strong in your decisions regarding your product with the help of function UI/UX design.

Validate Your Idea

Make sure your product or service has the need to exist and is something users would like to use.

Understand Users

Know what users need, want, and do so you can design for them.

Power Up Your Team

Have a good mix of skills and experience to make a successful product or service.

UX Audit

Identity Issue

Identify usability issues that are preventing users from achieving their goals.

Find What Works

Identify what is working well in your user experience and build on it.

Discover Opportunities

Discover new opportunities to improve the user experience and drive engagement.

Improve Numbers

Improve your key performance indicators (KPIs) by making changes to your user experience.

Idea to MVP

Idea To MVP in 12 Weeks

A fast-paced process to take your idea from a concept to a minimum viable product (MVP) in just 12 weeks, for market validation.

Flexible Pricing Model

Pay only for the services that you need, and you can scale your investment as your product grows.

We Are Your Extended Team

We will work with you to gather requirements, design the product, and build it while you keep on focusing on your core business.

Industry Best Practices

We follow industry best practices in UX design, use of the latest tools and technologies to ensure that your product is up-to-date and scalable

Website Design

Enrich Your Organization's Eminence

Enhance your organization's eminence and build trust and credibility with potential customers or clients.


Websites that load quickly and smoothly, which is important for user experience and search engine ranking.

Visually Engaging

Visually appealing and easy to navigate websites that use colors, images, and videos to help to make your website more visually engaging.

Interactive Site

Allows your users to have smooth interact action with the website in some way, such as through forms, surveys, or games.

Brand Identity

Understanding Your Brand

What are your values, mission, and target audience? What emotions do you want to evoke in your customers?

All Round Consistency

Use of the same colors, fonts, and overall style across all your UX-UI designs and consistency with your brand's messaging and tone.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Focus on creating something that is original, relevant, consistent, simple, and timeless.

Keeping it Adaptable

Using a flexible brand style guide, open to feedback from your target audience, and willing to experiment with new ideas.

Web/Mobile App

Functional wireframes & prototypes

Visual representations of a web or mobile app, used to communicate the design to the client, the development team, and the users.

Iterative & collaborative design

Refined design process through a series of cycles, with input from multiple stakeholders.

User-centered designs

Designing the app with the user in mind and ensuring that it is easy to use and understand.

Research methodologies

Methods for understanding the user for their design preferences, through surveys, interviews, usability testing, and A/B testing.

Expert Review

UX Consulting

Expert guidance on UX design, from understanding user needs to testing and iterating on designs, to improve usability and user experience of the digital products.

Usability Audit

A systematic evaluation of a digital product's UI, navigation, and overall user experience to identify usability problems and recommend solutions.

Expert Perspective

An experienced UX professional's viewpoint on how to improve the usability and user experience of a digital product, through UX consulting, usability audits, or other means.

Enhanced Design Suggestions

Recommendations for improving the design of a digital product, based on usability principles, best practices, or the expert perspective of a UX professional.

UI/UX Design Utilize-Our-Efficiency

Our efficiency

UI/UX Design Utilize-Efficiency

is your competitive advantage.

UI/UX Design Researchn


We understand your needs

Align with your business goals, your target audience, and your specific needs to make sure that our designs are tailored to your specific requirements and desired results.

UI/UX Design Strategizen


We ideate to maximize your results

Creative and innovative solutions with our outside the box ideas to find ways to improve your user experience and high return on investments.

UI/UX Design Definen


Clear functional designs for every business

Easy to use and understandable designs, designed to be functional and efficient, so that users can complete their tasks quickly and easily.

UI/UX Design Designn


Designs that have won accolades

Highly effective and efficient designs, as evidenced by the industry recognition and awards they have received for their usability, design, and innovation.

UI/UX Design Utilize-Our-Efficiency

Our design toolkit

UI/UX Design Tech-Activen
UI/UX Design Linear-Gredientn
UI/UX Design After-Effectsn
UI/UX Design Invision-Techn
UI/UX Design Figma-Techn
UI/UX Design Adobexdn
UI/UX Design Illustratorn
UI/UX Design Photoshopn
UI/UX Design Lightroomn
UI/UX Design Indesignn
UI/UX Design Sketchn
UI/UX Design Animaten
UI/UX Design Mediaencodern
UI/UX Design Premieren
UI/UX Design After-Effectsn
UI/UX Design Invision-Techn
UI/UX Design Figma-Techn
UI/UX Design Adobexdn
UI/UX Design Illustratorn
UI/UX Design Photoshopn
UI/UX Design Lightroomn
UI/UX Design Perks-Designingn

Perks of App Designing with Anuyat

UI/UX Design Stand-Outn

Competitive design

Our designs are functional, aesthetically pleasing, engaging, and visually appealing, all of which are essential for businesses to succeed in today's competitive marketplace.

Focus on your business objectives

If your goal is to increase sales, our designs will make it easy for your users to find and purchase your products.

Tailored to your needs & target audience

If your target audience is young adults, we create designs that are appealing and engaging to young adults.

Sustainability by

The sustainability of the application is linked to its scalability, optimization, futurism, responsiveness, optimized code and long-term market presence.

UI/UX Design Perks-Designingn

Designing Success Across Diverse Industries

Revolutionizing Experiences for All Sectors

UI/UX Design Telecom-Imagen UI/UX Design Telecom-Image-Ellipse
UI/UX Design Real-Techn real-tech-mob-image
UI/UX Design Health-Caren health-care-mob-img
UI/UX Design Ed-Techn ed-tech-mob-image
esim-tech-ellipse-img esim-tech-ellipse-mob-img
UI/UX Design Industries-Mobn





eSIM Tech

UI/UX Design Middle-Hn
UI/UX Design Middle-Hn

Designing Success Across Diverse Industries

Revolutionizing Experiences for All Sectors

UI/UX Design Telecomn


Telecom UX design principles focus on empowering customers to manage their accounts, providing telecom professionals with user-friendly dashboards, presenting plan options in a user-friendly manner, enabling seamless communication, and assisting customers with troubleshooting.

UI/UX Design Real-Techn


Real estate UX design principles focus on creating user-friendly interfaces that allow users to search and filter properties, present properties through high-quality images, enable efficient communication, integrate with property management systems, and provide local information.

UI/UX Design Healthcaren


Patient-centric design, clear information presentation, workflow optimization, clinical decision support, and privacy and security are all important principles of healthcare design. These principles help to create user experiences that are empathetic, informative, efficient, and secure.

UI/UX Design Ed-Techn


The edtech industry is using gamification and engagement, personalized learning, progress tracking, collaboration and communication, and accessibility and inclusivity to create user experiences that are engaging, adaptive, informative, collaborative, and accessible.

eSim Tech Icon

eSIM Tech

Design principles for eSIM-focused industry works on creating interfaces that are easy to use for profile activation, device management, integration with telecom operators, security and authentication, and developer-friendly tools.

UI/UX Design Perks-Designingn

Case Studies

Success Stories of our Customer

UI/UX Design Cs-Srn

AI pet feeding device uses AI to feed your pet according to their preferences, discover early-stage syndromes, and transform the pet industry.

Ai application for pets

View Case Study
UI/UX Design Cs-Srn

AskHow is a one-on-one online tutoring application for Maths and Physics from TVM E-learning. It provides students with doubts resolution through live interactive sessions, whiteboarding, and chat with subject experts.

TVM E-learning

View Case Study
UI/UX Design Cs-Srn

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for managing eSim platforms to facilitate the quick onboarding of MNOs, MVNOs, IoT providers, and other relevant stakeholders.

eSim Solution Provider

View Case Study
UI/UX Design Cs-Srn
UI/UX Design Vitalize-Csn

Vitalize Care is a mobile-first mental wellness app, focusing on the well-being of healthcare professionals.


View Case Study
UI/UX Design Perks-Designingn

Introducing our Design Dream Team

Meet our Team

The Visionaries Behind Extraordinary Experiences

UI/UX Design Team-Srn UI/UX Design Team-Srn UI/UX Design Team-Srn UI/UX Design Team-Srn UI/UX Design Team-Srn UI/UX Design Team-Srn UI/UX Design Team-Srn
UI/UX Design End-Verticaln
UI/UX Design Priyanka-Bhosalen UI/UX Design Avishkar-Kalen UI/UX Design Biradhwaj-Senapatin UI/UX Design Swapnil-Tribhuvann UI/UX Design Purnima-Yadhavn UI/UX Design Krupa-Vasaven UI/UX Design Rajashree-Gangulyn
UI/UX Design Middle-Verticaln

Priyanka Bhosale

Priyanka is a branding, Photoshop, and packaging design expert with a passion for creating beautiful products and solving client problems. At Anuyat, she enhances user interactions and aesthetic visual designs to meet client needs using her indigenous method, which ranges from whiteboard sketches to wireframes. In her spare time, she paints and edits.

Avishkar Kale

Avishkar is a creative product designer with expertise in creating amazing user experiences and user interfaces. His skills allow him to think and create products that are perfectly aligned with business goa his way around the world. His focus and dedication make him an indispensable part of the Anuyat team.

Biradhwaj Senapati

Meet Biradhwaj, an accomplished Product Designer at Anuyat with a Level 2 designation and 5+ years of professional experience in UI/UX and Product Designing. He combines passion and expertise to create captivating, user-friendly, and visually appealing designs. Beyond his work, Biradhwaj loves to travel to different countries and experience new cultures. He also enjoys riding bikes along scenic routes. His philosophy of continuous learning and pushing boundaries fuels his growth, as he strives to make a positive impact through his design skills. He explores the world with a fresh perspective by looking at usual things with unusual eyes.

Swapnil Tribhuvan

With a passion for minimalism, Swapnil brings a unique perspective to his work, stripping away complexity to create elegant and intuitive experiences. He works as a Level 1 Product Designer at Anuyat. Beyond design, he finds inspiration in running, gaming, and his love for Motorsport and Car Related content. Swapnil is a creative force dedicated to crafting outstanding user experiences and shaping the world, one design at a time.

Purnima Yadav

Purnima is a talented Product Designer at Level 1 with a passion for crafting visually captivating and user-centric designs. With skills in Product Designing, UI/UX, Figma, and XD, she creates thoughtful and intuitive experiences that inspire and engage users. Beyond design, Purnima finds fulfillment in traveling, trekking, and bike riding, exploring new places, conquering challenging trails, and embracing the rush of the open road. With a philosophy that design goes beyond aesthetics to functionality and emotional connection, Purnima strives to make a positive impact on users' lives through purposeful design.

Krupa Vasave

Krupa, a Level 2 Product Designer at Anuyat, combines empathy and design thinking to create impactful user-centric UI/UX experiences. With a B.Tech in IT, she passionately crafts aesthetically pleasing and functional designs, guided by the belief that design has the power to enhance lives. Beyond design, Krupa immerses herself in the worlds of literature, poetry, basketball, and terrace gardening, finding inspiration in these diverse realms.

Rajashree Ganguly

Rajashree is a visionary Product Designer at Level 2, equipped with a unique combination of creative prowess and business acumen. With an MBA degree and a passion for crafting visually appealing and user-centric designs, Rajashree seamlessly blends aesthetics with value. Beyond her professional pursuits, she finds inspiration through her love for travel, culinary exploration, and a philosophy that mirrors the essence of design and life: to create something both visually pleasing and purposeful. Her unwavering commitment to excellence and her belief in the transformative power of design propel her to leave a lasting impact, making her journey a testament to the beauty of purpose-driven creativity.

Chief Product Officer

Product Designer - Level 3

Product Designer - Level 2

Product Designer – Level 1

Product Designer – Level 1

Product Designer - Level 2

Product Designer - Level 2

UI/UX Design End-Verticaln
UI/UX Design Perks-Designingn

User Story

User Story

The beginning of client’s journey

The client may have a vision or be open to
suggestions. We ask about their goals, target
audience, and needs. With this understanding, we
develop a branding strategy and website design.

UI/UX Design Cs-Srn

Crafting a brand’s voice

A brand identity includes a logo, colors,
typography, and other visuals that represent the
brand. We develop a brand voice, which is the
tone and style of communication.

UI/UX Design Cs-Srn
UI/UX Design Start-With-Branding

User-friendly experience of a web/
mobile/desktop app

Once branding is complete, we build wireframes &
prototypes for the applications, for the client’s
feedback. We make sure to create user-friendly
& responsive designs, for all devices.

UI/UX Design Cs-Srn
UI/UX Design Design-Appsn

Making the website and app

Once development is complete, we launch the
product & promote it online. We also work on
developing content strategies for the clients to
keep them updated with fresh content.

UI/UX Design Cs-Srn
UI/UX Design Create-Presencen


Some of the incredible clients to whom we gave our best

HOMEX Design Testimonials-First-Card

S. Andhavarapu, Co & CPO


The Anuyat team was committed to the details of our Vitalize Care app from the beginning. They supported our product roadmap, prioritized features, and tackled technical challenges. We love working with them. They were there during our first product launch for the hospital, helping build a feature ASAP.

HOMEX Design Vitalize-Testimonial



Anuyat exceeded our expectations with the quality of their work done on our e-commerce platform. The team worked committedly and understood what we wanted at the first interaction, and also responded greatly to all feedback. We would definitely work with them again.

HOMEX Design Basil-Testimonial

Elise Royston

Perfect Skip

Thank you, Perfect Skip, There’s so much my marketing team and i can do with these reports. There’s so much data we’ve gotten really creative in our campaigns. We hit up every home owners so many ways and started closing more deals.

Perfect Skip Testimonials - Anuyat
HOMEX Design Testimonials-Video
HOMEX Design Testimonials-Video

20+ Projects Delivered

Skillfully established ourselves in Asia, the US,
and Europe, with happy customers confidently
taking their product into the market.