Solving Maths & Physics doubts
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Online Tutoring Application

Do you know the best support one can extend to the students? A prompt answer when they are stuck with a problem in Mathematics or Physics assignments. AskHow is a one-to-one Maths and Physics online tutoring application that provides students with homework help and live interactions over their doubts.

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A personal tutor is part of most of our childhood, especially for subjects like Maths and science. But it was available for
limited hours and students had to wait for the next class to resolve their doubts.

A client application of the online tutoring platform, AskHow, designed by Anuyat, was a fruitful step taken in this direction.

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About the client

The client, TVM E-learning, works in the education niche only. With the leadership expertizing in educational excellence and technology, the client is focused on bringing a positive impact with the amalgamation of education and technology.

The client has onboarded the best available tutors for 20 companies and 25 tuition centers around the globe, across distinct interests and hence forming a community where students can approach mentors easily during their learning journey.

TVM E-learning is education outsourcing company focused on education perpendicular.

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They work with education companies, tutoring companies, primary, and secondary colleges, universities, and sports clubs as an education outsourcing company.

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The Challenge

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Since the advent of the pandemic, the world has been trying to make online learning a norm. The inclusion of one more online tutoring application in a pool of many others was a challenging situation for the client. On the technical front, the client was stuck on the following:

Which features should be prioritized?

How responsive will the system be in integrating different roles- teachers, students, admins, etc.?

Will it be cost-effective as the system demands heavy data processing and storage?

How well can technology manage the real-time interactions within the application with the least waiting and response-lag time?

All the concerns were valid and were addressed by Anuyat to the precision.

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Man thinking about challange

All the concerns were valid and were addressed by Anuyat to the precision.

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How Anuyat Helped

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The concern of being “yet another tutoring app over the Internet” was real, and hence Anuyat suggested proceeding with the lean software methodology and developing the idea as a minimum viable product or MVP.

The MVP practice helped with the best initial version of the app.

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MVP focused on the best minimum features, using which the application can be introduced into the
market and hence, verify its demand among the target group.

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Specialized resources at Anuyat who are fluent in using technologies such as Flutter, AWS, Database, etc.
could easily design the application for quick response time, cost-effective app execution over the internet,
and accurate data management.

The MVP methodology ensured the app's development in just 90 days – the least
waiting time for a lot of work. 

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The Design

As every educational application demand, the
design of AskHow was crisp, clear, and uncluttered.


Using AdobeXD, the design prototypes were
designed for web application interfaces and mobile
views. The
prototype stated the user flows,
interlinking, mind mapping, and design of every component.

Wireframe for mobile and web

Brand Identity

The chosen colours, fonts, and elements were used
for better visibility, focused learning, pleasantness,
improved mindfulness, and inducing a solution-
oriented approach.



Dark Turquoise








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The Application

The application was built to support the
management of multiple universities/ schools/

Super admin flow
Teachers and stuent flow
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In-app Performance

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The robustness of the AskHow was taken care of by the use of Flutter technology.

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The clean code and structure of the app helped maintain the app's scalable attribute.

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The technical measures were included within the application to make it design and functionally responsive on both mobile and web platforms.

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We used State Management in Flutter to provide users with seamless interactions with the application, databases, and users' requests. 

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For mobile frontend development

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For notification management

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For interface design

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Backend Development

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For code versioning

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Business integrations

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