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AskHow is a one-on-one online tutoring application for Maths and Physics from TVM E-learning. It provides students with doubts resolution through live interactive sessions, whiteboarding, and chat with subject experts.

About Client

TVM E-learning

  • Product Design

  • Development

  • Project Manangement

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Project Duration

6 Months

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Project Statement

Traditional classrooms can struggle to provide students with the individualized attention they need to succeed. This is due to a number of factors, including large class sizes, limited resources, and the fact that teachers often teach multiple subjects.

To address this challenge, Anuyat developed Askhow for its client, an online tutoring platform that allows students to get help from a personal tutor at any time, from anywhere. This provides students with the individualized attention they need to succeed, while also freeing up teachers to focus on their core responsibilities.

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Project Objective

project small icon one A simple, intuitive platform for students to get tutoring and engage with interactive whiteboards.

project small icon one Robust admin counterpart, scalable database for sessions, easy user management, ondemand academic resource access.

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project small icon two No-sweat, one-to-one and real-time sessions with tutors.

project small icon two Access to progress report and learning curves for all the students & tutors.

project small icon two 24/7 availability of platform services, with high up-time and zero fail-to-load.

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About the Client

TVM E-learning is a client that works only in the education niche. With leadership expertise in educational excellence and technology, the client is focused on bringing a positive impact through the amalgamation of education and technology.

The client has onboarded the best available tutors for 20 companies and 25 tuition centers around the globe, across distinct interests. This has formed a community where students can easily approach mentors during their learning journey.

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Week 1

Requirement analysis

Week 2-3

Design wireframing

Week 3-12

Development & sprints plan

Week 12-14

Testing & iterations

Week 14



Support & iterations

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Students score below average in math and science on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP).

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Students rely on and believe they benefited from online tutoring apps.

Students hesitate to ask questions in class and feel stressed about it.

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Learners were forced out of school, globally, due to Pandemic.

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Name : Mr. Smith

Age : 35

Subject : Math

Grade Level : 9-12

Location : San Francisco, CA

About :

Mr. Smith wants to use AskHow to provide his students with additional support, help them learn at their own pace, and stay up to date on the latest trends in education. He believes that AskHow can help him achieve his goals and reach his full potential as a teacher.

Needs :
  • Prefers to use technology in his teaching.
  • Work with a team to improve the educational experience for his students.
Goals :
  • To help his students succeed in math and prepare them for college and beyond.
  • Interested in using technology to enhance his teaching.
Goals :
  • To help his students succeed in math and prepare them for college and beyond.
  • Interested in using technology to enhance his teaching.
Needs :
  • Prefers to use technology in his teaching.
  • Work with a team to improve the educational experience for his students.
Pain Points :
  • Struggles to reach students who are struggling academically.
  • Finds it difficult to keep up with the latest trends in education.
  • Feels stressed about the demands of his job.
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Competitor Analysis

  • social learning platform that connects students with each other and experts to help them learn.
  • A textbook solutions library
  • A progress tracking system
  • A study buddy matching system
  • Rewards program across activities
tutitor class Tutor class
  • An online tutoring platform that connects students with tutors in a variety of subjects
  • One-on-one and group tutoring sessions
  • Live and recorded sessions
  • Interactive whiteboarding
  • Progress reports and learning curves
  • Access to a community of students and tutors
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Features & functionalities

Features 1

Profile Management for students & tutors.

Live tutoring option for interactive sessions.

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Question/Answer modules for easy problem resolution.

Rating & feedback to help improve the tutoring services.

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Features 2

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Major App Screens

major app screen main img major app screen mobile

Web application screens

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screen card group
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Design Systems

Font Family
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Helvetica Neue Regular Medium Bold




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  • We used State Management in Flutter to provide users with seamless interactions with the application, databases, and users' requests.

  • Flutter – For mobile’s front–end development.

  • Firebase - For notification management.

  • AdobeXD – For interface design.

  • Node- For real-time data processing.

  • MongoDB – For maintaining a database of users, property, and messages.

  • Github – For storing, tracking, and collaborating on the software.

  • AWS – For networking, mobile applications, and security of the app.


Which features should be prioritized

challenge num one

Will it be cost-effective as the system demands heavy data processing and storage?

challenge num three
challenge num two

How responsive will the system be in integrating different roles- Teachers, students, admins, etc.?

challenge num four

How well can technology manage the real-time interactions within the application with the least waiting and response-lag time?

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Learning at Askhow has really helped improve my grades, my teachers have been very invested in helping me understand the topics, using the whiteboarding and one-to-one chat features.

- Jemima
11th Grade
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Askhow not only helped me with my doubts, live sessions helped me understand the concept as well.

- Daniel
A level
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A comprehensive application for students, tutors and administrators, to manage user profiles, and run live tutoring sessions.

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Client Feedback

“The app came out the way Askhow wanted to solve the tutoring problems for students. Anuyat’s team patiently understood our requirements and implemented our ideas for features. It is built clean, and our students are happy with using the platform.

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Why Anuyat ?

Experience In 90 Days Mvp Development: The Concern Of Being “yet Another Tutoring App Over The Internet” Was Real, And Hence Anuyat Suggested Proceeding With The Lean Software Methodology And Developing The Idea As A Minimum Viable Product Or Mvp. The Mvp Practice Helped With The Best Initial Version Of The App.

Specialized Resources: The Tech Team At Anuyat Is Fluent In Using Technologies Such As Flutter, Aws, Database, Etc. This Proficiency Empowers Us To Design And Develop The Application With Remarkable Efficiency And Effectiveness.

Delivering Quality And Efficiency: By Leveraging Our Specialized Resources, We Ensured The App's Quick Response Time, Optimized Performance Over The Internet, And Accurate Handling Of Critical Data. Their Meticulous Attention To Detail Contributed To A Seamless And High-quality User Experience.

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Pathare Complex, Kharadi
Bypass, Pune 411014

+91 721 897 2725

United States

1309 Coffeen Ave, Sheridan, Wyoming 82801

+1 585 332 5383