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Anuyat built automated software for PG owners in Bengaluru (Bangalore)

Anuyat built automated software for PG owners in Bengaluru (Bangalore)

Anuyat built automated software for PG owners in Bengaluru (Bangalore). A high-performance and crash-free mobile application was built exclusively for PG owners and tenants to list and hunt for quality and affordable rented accommodation. The client, an established name in the real estate market, wanted to make it easier for tenants to search for PGs in Bengaluru (Bangalore).

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Applications for real-estate

Bengaluru (Bangalore) is popular as India's Silicon Valley and attracts many professionals from all over the country. This means there is a huge market for young, single working professionals looking for affordable accommodation. A mobile app that provides a hassle-free PG hunting experience will come in handy. And hence, this initiative by the client.

The client came up with the idea of automated software for PG Owners to help them with remittance collection, tenant records, property management, Rooms management, etc.

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About the client

Our client is an established name in the real estate industry, focusing on providing budgeted and luxury rented accommodation in Bengaluru (Bangalore) and other places like Hyderabad and Chennai. With various web and mobile applications,they offer

applications for real-estate

They offer:

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Free property listings

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Best deals on PGs

user connectivity

Different occupancy options
(Single, Twin, Tripple &

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Fully furnished homes

Fully furnished homes

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Brokerage-free transactions

security deposit

Only a 1-month security

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The Challenge

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As per client’s requirements, the app was meant to have real-time data broadcasting and notification services. Since the application involved two managed interfaces – one for the listers or property owners and other for the PG seekers, the application has various technical and performance challenges.

archiving the data and information.

The software for PG owners must be accurate in archiving the data and information.

Owners and the tenants

It should provide safe financial transactions between the owners and the tenants.

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It should be scalable in terms of traffic load and listings.

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A few sensitive functions, such as management of credits, refunds, tenant verification, etc.,
demanded the use of accurate calculations of standalone as well as dependent variables of the

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How Anuyat Helped

With Anuyat’s experience in developing & delivering applications for real estate (like PerfectSkip), the client was confident of receiving the product of their will.

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4 years of experience in providing solutions for real-estate industry.

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Expert members onboard use dynamic technologies like Flutter, AWS.

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Experience in developing scalable and real-time data sharing applications.

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Best interface design that provides easy-navigating interfaces.

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Post-launch app performance monitoring & support.

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The Design

If the features of an application form a skeletal system, then the design of an application is its nervous system. PrimePG’s design ensures smooth flow between the interfaces and highly-efficient placement of the components.

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The Application Structure

Prime PG




Child Apps

(Owners App, Tenants App)

Manager App Modules

Tenant App Module


Child Apps

(Owners App, Tenants App)


Manager App Modules


Tenant App Module

The client application supports two
standard user roles:

  • PG manager or property owner
  • PG renter or seeker

Both the roles have common Registration
and authentication modules,
attributes specific to each.

  • Functions of PG Owner

  • Home icon

    Property Management

  • Room Management

    Room Management

  • Home with user icon

    Tenants Management

  • Dues management

    Dues Management

  • User icon

    Leads Management

  • Complaint Management icon

    Complaint Management

  • Food Menu Management

    Food Menu Management

  • Staff & User Management

    Staff & User Management

  • Notification Management

    Notification Management

  • Agreement


  • Functions of PG seeker

  • Expenses icon


  • Dues


  • Dashboard Services

    Dashboard Services

  • PG Search Services

    PG Search Services

  • File search icon

    Complaint Submission Service

  • Notifications Panel

    Notifications Panel

  • Service Request Panel

    Service Request Panel


The major challenge of the software for PG owners is the performance that needs to be consistent.

We used State Management in Flutter to provide users with seamless interactions with the
application, databases, and users' requests.

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For mobile-first front–end development

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For notification management



For interface design

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Backend Development

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For code versioning

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Business integrations

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Developing, shipping, and running applications

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Developing, shipping, and running applications

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Push messages

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Maintain email servers

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  • The application went live on 12 April 2022 and is available on PlayStore & AppStore for the download. It is believed to cater to 27.13 lakh people in Bengaluru (Bangalore) who are seeking rented accommodation.
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MVP for PG Management is one option to understand the market viability in the real-estate domain. And another option is to check how other apps are performing, with respect to the rating, downloads, reviews and likability of each of the functions.

Here is our choice of 9 apps for PG owners, for inspiration