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Get an MVP time line
Get an MVP time line

Minimum Viable Product or MVP is what we call Minimalism in Software development. MVP is a basic-featured prototype of your business idea or product, that can enter the market to get feedback from your targeted investors and customers.


Lean Clean MVP
  • Why make something complex in the initial phase,
    using all your resources and energy,
    without testing whether the users accept it?
  • It is a common saying, “Start with the Basics”.
    MVP development is all about the same.
Lean Clean MVP


Guided by the principles of
Eric Ries from his book, “The
Lean Startup”, the development
of the product must be based on the
expressed desires of
the market.


Thorough and exemplary
design of the functions of the
for its efficient logic
flow and usability.


The outcome is minimal yet
complete and viable in terms
usefulness for the users.

From day 1 to day 90, here is an MVP development

How is Prototyping different from an MVP

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  • Development of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
    builds a prototype of a digital application that
    actually works, has the potential to meet
    your user's demand, is complete,
    and can get scaled with new features.  
Prototyping and MVP difference


When you just wanted to imagine the product's feel

If your business needs immediate user feedback

People behind your MVP

Jivan Ghadage

Jivan Ghadage


"Jivan is a proud founder of Anuyat, who believes in consistency and continuity. His 10+ years of relationship with technology has made him envision the world of digital transformation with different glasses. His persistent & innovative work ideologies are reflected well within the team and the positive feedback from the customers. Lean, clean, MVP for all is one of his missions, to support every entrepreneur in the digital transformation vision."

Pravin Andhale

Pravin Andhale

Business Development Manager

"Pravin’s professional skills are a perfect blend of technical wisdom and psychological understanding. With a degree in Electronics Engineering and master's in behavioral economics, he brings out-of-box reforms in Anuyat’s work culture, clients’ relationships, and digital transformations solutions. He is working his way up with dynamic decision-making capabilities, hence, easing out various processes at the workplace."

Kishor Chavan

Kishor Chavan

Chief Operating Officer

"Retaining a team is more crucial than building one. This is where Kishor comes into the picture. Being the Chief Operating Officer at Anuyat, his primary focus is to make sure everyone in the team gets what they need for a healthy and progressive work environment. He is a big advocate of authenticity, honesty, and teamwork, which gets reflected in his project deliveries & workplace relationships."

Rita Vishwakarma

Rita Vishwakarma

Associate Software Developer

Her specialty - Full stack development of complex, high performing, and adaptive web applications. She is a philomath – a lover of learning and is always keen on implementing the best of understanding in building the minimum viable products.

Devika Huddar

Devika Huddar

Client Relationship Manager

"A trained singer in Light Music, Devika is a professional expert in cloud-focused technologies and is a perfect advisor for our clients who can trust her for understanding their business’ cloud requirements. She maintains an essential strong bond between our clients and us."

Avishkar Kale

Avishkar Kale

Product Designer

"Adding more strength to our UX/UI Product Design team, Avishkar brings remarkable sophistication to the development work. He believes in the perfect visual representation of the application interfaces that define the core business functions and intentions. Only a die-hard foodie like him understands the importance of aesthetics from serving the dish in the best presentable manner."

Priyanka Bhosle

Priyanka Bhosale

Senior Product Designer

"A passionate solo traveler, Priyanka has an eye for perfection, be it choosing a destination to visit or creating purposeful UX designs for our clients’ projects. Our application development team looks up to her for perfect wireframes and software & mobile application prototypes. Her creative thinking and grasp over the application’s suitability bring amazing visuals every time."

Prachi Sarade

Prachi Sarade

Quality Analyst

"Quality is everyone’s responsibility, and Prachi makes sure we follow this during software development. Being a QA (Quality Analyst) by role, quality is not just an act but a habit for her. She is proficient in manual and automated testing for our internal and clients’ software products."

Abhay Vibhute

Abhay Vibhute

Software Developer

"An amid Kindle reader, Abhay handles Full Stack development for Anuyat and its clients’ projects. As a software developer at Anuyat, he has his unique ways to get to software development solutions and is focused on every minute detail. He is in a long-term relationship with his books."

Priyanka Berry

Priyanka Berry

Content Creator

Words are power and the road to effective communication. Having Priyanka on the team to craft content completes our four C’s principles of business services – Consistent, Committed, Communicative, and Content-rich. Utilizing her knowledge from her Master’s in Computer Application degree, she adds a creative edge to the technical writings. She puts business thoughts into a well-structured sequence of words onto software interfaces, technical documents, and wherever needed.

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