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Case Study

A SaaS (Software as a service) solution for our client in Telecom Sector, for their eSim solution platform management. The MVP (Minimum Viable Product) was proposed and delivered to manage the swift onboarding of MNOs, MVNOs, IoT providers, and others, with a 30 percent reduction in time & cost and revenue that increased by ten times.

"Anuyat offers best in class security, scalable enterprise SaaS development, support, and maintenance,"
- CTO, eSim Solution provider.

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"Anuyat offers best in class security, scalable enterprise SaaS development, support, and maintenance," - CTO, eSim Solution provider.

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About the client

Our client is a leading eSIM solution provider in Asia. They provide an end-to-end subscription management platform to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), IoT providers, etc., to adopt eSIM in their business efficiently.

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The Challenge

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  • Imagine being the backbone of many telcos, responsible for providing new eSIM connection to thousands of customers, while managing the existing users, moving SIM profiles from one state to another, executing sequential programs for each of the profiles manually on a computer can be very tedious and prone to errors.
  • When our client began onboarding new network operators, they ran into issues like time, cost, and increased workforce, where several tasks needed to be done repeatedly.
  • Customer onboarding used to take months, considering the security protocols, GSMA specification implementation, the transition of critical information such as cryptographic keys, and migration of legacy data was also a challenge.

Anuyat's developers, testers, and designers provided a smooth transition and an end-to-end solution to
help the client overcome these challenges.

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Why Anuyat

Team Anuyat analyzed their business model and the challenges they were facing. We proposed building a SaaS where they can have a platform to manage their back-office operations and a specific interface for their customers who can serve themselves using the platform.

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Experience in Telecom Sector

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Expertise in GSMA specifications and eSim components

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End-user devices and eSim hardware components

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Experience in Agile methodology of application development

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  • "Anuyat offers best in class security, scalable enterprise SaaS development, support, and maintenance,"
  • Expertise in the telecom sector, hands-on with GSMA specifications, detailed understanding of eSIM implementations and various components, e.g., SM-DP+, eUICC, etc.
  • Extensive experience in handling events and activities generated by the transitions of profiles from one state to another. Our team also has expertise in knowing details about end-user devices and support for eSIM on different hardware.
  • Having the best software development team who are well experienced with agile methodology and ship daily builds has helped our client enhance their products every day.
  • Our solution has helped the client reduce their customer boarding time from a few months to a few minutes, and their clients love the new User Experience developed by our team.
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of the newly developed eSim MVP solution

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  • We created few administrative dashboards which helped our client oversee and manage the entire platform, detailed analytics, and reporting of each module. Features such as executing bulk jobs within minutes and with a fail-safe approach. We developed some explicit tools created for the end customers to help them in their marketing campaign to distribute their eSIM in a very innovative way.
  • The SaaS is powered by microservice-based architecture. It helps the platform scale up to any extent, lowers the downtime, and requires minimal maintenance.
  • Our client's revenue has increased almost ten times since the SaaS application's introduction and is growing every day.