AI application for Pets

An amalgamation of AI technology and pet care hardware systems, to improve the dietary habits of beloved pets. The need of this application for pets is to identify their food preferences, record the “happiness score”, manage the healthy food quantity, place automatic orders for the purchase of the food item and detect early signs of health issues.

A revolutionary pet feeding smart device that uses AI to grasp the food patterns that your pet loves to dine upon, chooses the food your pet is fond of for home delivery, discovers any early-stage syndrome, and many more while transforming the entire pet industry. The product is meant to enhance your pet’s comfort and well-being.

Mobile version of AI

‘AI for Pets’ is a revolutionary pet feeding smart device that uses AI to grasp the food patterns that your pet loves to dine upon, chooses the food your pet is fond of for home delivery, discovers any early-stage syndrome, and many more while transforming the entire pet industry. The product is meant to enhance your pet’s comfort and well-being.

Mobile version of AI
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About the client

The client is a new entrant in the pet industry (also known as Petconomy in the Asian market. Their organization provides pet-focused software solutions to aid pet-parents with different aspects of their pet’s mental & physical health.

This AI-based application was their vision to provide food-related health assistance to pet parents.

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The Challenge

  • The idea of AI-based application for pets was unique and needed validation for market acceptance. A minimum viable product (MVP) for an AI-integrated pet happiness system, was the best option. The only major challenge was to identify the features that would be the part of the first phase of the MVP; minimum features with a fully functional system.
Ai for pet process cycle
Ai for pet process cycle
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The Product

We have adopted the Agile SDLC model to develop ‘AI for Pets’. Agile being an iterative and incremental process focuses on customer satisfaction and the rapid delivery of working software products.

Ai process stages
Planning stage
Requirement stage
Prototyping stage
Development stage
Testing stage
Deployment stage
Maintaince stage
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Modules of ‘AI for pets’

The product consists of 3 modules as described below.

Electronic dish


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The electronic dish on which the pet’s food is placed was developed in this module

Mobile application development

Mobile application development

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A Mobile Application wherein customers can navigate and access all the information regarding the product and their pets were developed.

Incorporation of Artificial intelligence

Incorporation of Artificial intelligence

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AI not only helps the product to recognize the food preferences of pets, picks pet's favorite food for delivery but also most importantly detects early health symptoms.

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How it Works?

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  • Serial number one

    The food is placed on the dish and after the Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) of the food is scanned.

  • Serial number Two

    The integrated camera captures the likeness & behavior of pets towards the food.

  • Serial number Three

    The AI predicts the liked foods and orders the same for home delivery.

  • Serial number Four

    A spontaneous meal pattern is created which helps the product to automatically order pet’s favourite food after every 10 days.

“ AI For Pet’s”

Features and their

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Artificial Intelligence

Learns What foods your pet likes. Learns pet’s normal eating behavior. Detects changes in appetite, preferences, and behaviors.

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Happiness Score

Calculates how much your pet likes an existing or new food.

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Scans food SKU checked into the system. Identifies which pet is eating which food (multiple pets.)

Dish Icon

Dish Of Choice

Accepts your pet’s favorite dish placed on the device (or use ours)

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Cloud Software

Discovers feeding habits from other pets, food taste, and texture preferences.

Mobile Application

Mobile App

Communicates pet’s food patterns, favorite pet brands SKUs, and home delivery scheduled from your smartphone. PC or MAC.

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Beeps when food SKU is successfully scanned to ensure data are captured.

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Weight food intake before and after each feeding.

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The Product’s Output

The table below depicts the food and respective Happiness Scores of 3 cats belonging to the same home.

Ai for Pets
Brand Food
Happiness score
Earthborn holistic Chicken Catcciatori Grain 90.44 54.88 94.01
Applaws Layers Chicken and Pumpkin in Aspic 96.62 90.62 90.03
Purina Natural Ocean White Fish & Trout 78.08 92.79 64.19
Applaws Seabream Mousse - Sardine, Mackerel 87.98 56.03 84.38
Applaws Tasty Tuna Fillet With Shrimp in Broth 92.02 93.66 78.89
Purina Weruva Truluxe Honor Roll _ Mackerel 82.43 67.22 81.87
Applaws Weruva Truluxe Steak Frites 80.23 85.71 1.14
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Technologies Adopted

MVP application for pets uses Big Data - Pet Intelligence that provides health, happiness, and longevity insights of your pet by analyzing its food patterns and behavior.

Tech Ingredients accommodated inside:

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Raspberry Pi

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Mobile Application Development

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Backend Development

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For code versioning

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Product Benefits

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  • There are innumerable advantages of using our product and I have listed a few of them below:
  • You can serve your pet only the food that it loves to dine on and so, we can clearly say that the AI inside is making the pet happy this way.
  • The selection of food preferred by your pet is done and ordered automatically for home delivery.
  • As the product always keeps track of your pet and its health, you can easily know about its behavior and well-being, and in turn, make smarter meals.
  • This product, with the use of its food scale, keeps in check the amount of food your pet is consuming and tracks the change in its habits.
  • The signal produced by the product is a combination of monitoring the food preferences and the behavior of your pet. This is useful in giving early warnings when there is an alteration in your pet's appetite.
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Why Anuyat

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The main attraction of this system is the inclusion of the power of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. It is the major feature that initiates all other features of the software.

Group of team member

Anuyat has a dedicated team of experts with hands-on experience in Machine Learning and related technologies such as Big Data, Visual Recognition, etc.


The hardware integration with the AI-based platform is another aspect of this project. Raspberry Pi, a credit-card-sized, single-board device, was used here in this application for pets. Anuyat has expert professionals to configure Raspberry Pi and develop the Python language application.

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Product Achievements

Product Achievements

As expected by the client, the product is bringing significant changes in the lives of pets and pet parents.

Graph of product achievements